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8th & 9th September 2017 | Photography by Amber Burd

Our Love Story

Corey and I met on September 10th, 2008 at the Fall Festival in Beech Grove, Indiana. I was 14 years old and he was 18. It was love at first sight, but we were too shy to tell each other. We exchanged phone numbers and didn’t really see each other very much until June of 2009. We finally confessed our feelings for one another. It was the most romantic summer I ever had. He showed me so many fun places around where he lived. He made every day special. He was the best boyfriend I ever had. We dated for the summer until he had to move away with his family. I always hoped that we could get back together because I had a feeling we were meant to be.

A year and a half later, we had finally reconnected. We met up and started dating the week of Valentines Day 2011. We were so happy to finally be back together. We were finally able to start planning our life together. In 2012 (when I was 18), Corey proposed to me. He proposed by placing the ring in a Poke-ball (I’m a huge Pokemon fan). I got my first job after graduating. A co-worker was talking to me about going vegetarian. I had always considered myself an animal lover but was scared to go vegetarian. He convinced me to try it, and I knew this would be easier to do since Corey has been vegetarian since he was 12. I did, and it was one of the greatest decisions I had ever made.

The Wedding

Corey and I moved into an apartment for a few years and eventually decided to go vegan. We went vegan because we couldn’t continue supporting the cruelty that takes place in the dairy industry. It simply does not align with our values. Just last December, we finished getting our degrees so we decided it was time to get a house and get married (It’s been a very busy year). We had a beautiful outdoor wedding at Sarah T. Bolton Park in Beech Grove. It took place on the evening of September 8th and 9th (we had our wedding twice for a few reasons; another story). It was great timing that it was almost to the date of when we met all those years ago. Our friends and family did a beautiful job decorating the shelter with ivy, stringed lights, and black & white themed decor that looked beautiful at night. We had a magical weekend.

Planning On A Budget

Surprisingly, we were able to keep our wedding very affordable (around $1,131, attire included!). My parents paid for the majority of the costs.We, of course, made sure everything was 100% vegan. In order to do so, we wanted to bake the cakes, and put together the snacks ourselves. We found plenty of great recipes online to choose from. We baked a 3 tier (double layer) traditional vanilla wedding cake that was so delicious! We also baked vanilla cupcakes on the side. For the snacks, we put together a crock pot with beans and salsa mixed in and set tortilla chips outside to dip in. We also had veggie trays with vegan ranch and my mom put together a delicious fruit bowl. We toasted with Martinelli’s brand sparkling juice.  My mom added some of her own decorations as well such as artificial palm trees, ivy, a pillar, she also bought balloons.

The Breakdown

My dress was $111 – Amazon
His suit was $79 – Amazon
The park shelter $130 total (2 nights)
Minister- $200 total (2 nights)
100 wedding favors $67 -Amazon
Tiara- $2
Veil- $5
Garter- $3
3 tier cake stand – $29
Lighted tree – $34
Cake Topper – $3
Arch – $17
Runner aisle rug – $11
Plates, forks, cups, napkins, bubbles, unity candles, toasting glasses, guest books, bouquet, card holder, tablecloths, wooden sign, (and other misc wedding things) – $350
10 bottles of sparkling juice/ cider – $40
Chips, salsa and beans – $30
Coke and Sprite cans- $20

Grand Total: $1, 131

Wedding Cake Recipes

We made our own cakes and cupcakes using the recipes below. We used the icing from the cupcake recipe for our cake too.

 -Nikki (the Bride)

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