Meet The Team

Lauren Kimble

Founder/ Editor In Chief

My Vegan Journey

I made the transition on April 5, 2016 (the one year anniversary of my grandmothers passing). I personally decided to go cold turkey. Before this however, I was mainly eating chicken breast, turkey, salmon, and an occasional burger. Being from California, my last meal was a double double from In-n-Out.  I have always been lactose intolerant so, giving up dairy was not an issue for me. Initially the smell of meat was tolerable and would help me not give in to the occasion cravings. After about a month or so that same smell began to make me feel nauseous and I no longer craved meat. When people ask about my journey I always tell them that everyone’s journey is different. Although you may be tempted, try not to compare yourself to others that you feel are along the same journey. You MUST listen to your body. If you feel you can’t go cold turkey then don’t. Baby steps are better than no steps at all. Slowly start removing things from your lifestyle and before you know it you will be on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

What Inspires Me To Work With Events?

I remember being a teenager and watching a show called “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? and was intrigued  by how the wedding coordinators would take control (early signs of a control freak perhaps?) and were responsible in making sure the clients vision was turned into a reality. I planned my first event at the age of 18 and never looked back.

I’ve always seen myself as a creative person. Over the years my design aesthetic has evolved especially, now that I am a vegan. I think my biggest inspiration would be nature and the idea of using recycled materials and transforming them into something beautiful. In almost all of my events I use some sort of recycled material.

What Is My Favorite Thing About Events?

Being in the event planning and design industry for 10 years, I have had the opportunity to plan and design some amazing events. My favorite part of events, specifically weddings would be when I send my brides down the aisle and I tell them to focus on the groom as if nothing else matters then, I watch for the grooms reaction.

Ilisha Scott

Executive Assistant to Editor In Chief/ Contributor


My Vegan Journey

At about 12, I became vegetarian, not really realizing the label of it back then, I just stopped eating meat. I’ve always been more of a fruit and veggie type person so it wasn’t a big change. It didn’t last forever but I never went back to consuming meat every day, I would just eat it if I felt like it which wasn’t often until I was about 16 when my stepdad came back from Thailand. He had caught a bug which is generally not contagious but I got it. I had gastro symptoms for close to 2 years. I was in and out of doctor offices with a multitude of tests weekly to try and figure out what it was when one day, I had eaten a high dairy based diet. I was feeling worse than ever, That’s when something clicked. I thought it might have been lactose intolerant so I changed all my dairy products to lactose-free which helped for a month but then it went back to the same. I opted to remove dairy altogether and seen vast improvements. I was dairy free but still consuming meat every now and then but I kind of just stopped, I didn’t like how it made me feel anymore. I always felt heavy and disgusting afterward. Funnily enough, it wasn’t until after I had already been vegan and still not realizing that label, that I found the horrific documentaries about the meat and dairy industry which just set it all in for me that what I was doing was the right thing.

What Inspires Me To Work With Events?

I’m a creative person naturally, so when it came to working with events, it was just like changing gears, within a split second, my mind is in creative mode and my inspirational juices are flowing. When planning my grandmother’s party, as soon as it was mentioned, we had a theme and my face just lit up, everywhere I looked I would see the inspiration for making this day absolutely perfect. When it came to my own wedding, boy oh boy! Planning, designing and catering my own wedding made me realize my passion for working with events.

What Is My Favourite Thing About Events?

Hands down, my favorite things about any event, is that look in someone’s eye as they walk through the door with utter amazement that you’ve executed the vision they had, perfectly. Second, to that, I love working with people that share the same vegan passion and supporting our community.