How To Plan A Wedding That’s Totally You

By Ilisha Scott |

How To Plan A Wedding That Is Totally You!

It’s easy to lose yourself when planning your big day. As you will come to realize, your friends and family often have different ideas for your special day. Keep an open mind but try not to get muddled about the day that YOU always wanted. Take all suggestions into consideration but it is important to stick to the vision of you and your partner’s perfect vegan eco-friendly day!

Do your own research!

Check out bridal magazines, read blogs, books, and of course watch all of those “cheesy” wedding shows which you said you would never watch. Examine all of your options, not just the obvious ones.


Collect bits and pieces of what you want, whether it’s a paint swatch, a sparkly piece of ribbon or just a print out from Pinterest. Create an inspiration board, pop it somewhere you can see it every day and before you know it, you’ll be able to see your wedding come to life!


How formal or casual do you want to go? Do you envision a formal atmosphere with a suit and tie dress code or a casual atmosphere with informal seating and a buffet? The setting can be easier decided with your vision. For example, a beach wedding has more of a relaxed vibe that would suit an informal seating. The best part is, its YOUR day and you can mix it up how you like!

Choosing your colors

Colors affect many elements of your day, from invitations, to bridesmaid dresses and centerpieces. One of the best ways to keep your colors coherent is to stick to one main color or 2 prominent colors. When choosing two colors, if you choose colors opposite of each other in a color wheel, for example, pink and green, they compliment each other and make it pop. Don’t feel restricted though, adding other surges of color will make your day stand out. You may also choose to have colors of the same color family or similar, for example, red pink and orange or choose a large color theme like pastels.

Remember your theme can affect the look and outcome of your wedding. While planning and creating your day, remember the atmosphere you want to create and stick to your vision. Let your personality shine through despite the opinions of others in order to make your day absolutely special.

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