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Brittany & Dustin| Short and Sweet

The Proposal:
We got engaged in one of our favorite spots! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Orlando. That morning, we went to breakfast and almost got into a huge fight because Dustin (my now husband) was barely speaking to me. Little did I know, it was actually because he was so nervous. We walked directly to one of our favorite spots in the park to have our “photo” taken, which I thought was super odd since Dustin doesn’t care at all about taking photos usually. Needless to say it was a big ploy and our friends that had vacationed with us were in on it. We took the photo, he got down on one knee and honestly to this day I’m still not sure if I even said yes, but I think we both knew the answer even if it wasn’t spoken!

Our Wedding
Unlike more traditional brides and grooms, we woke up early on the morning of the wedding, picked up a few members of the wedding party, drove to the venue, and started decorating and putting things together ourselves! Soon afterward we split up and went to start getting ready. At the time it felt like we had plenty of time before the wedding (one wedding tip, you never have plenty of time even when you think you do). Getting ready was fun, filled with an abundance of mimosas and bad 90’s music. Soon enough though it was time to get into the dress, my mom popped in for literally 10 minutes and then rushed back to the venue to finish putting things together.

We arrived at the venue, the bridesmaids, groomsmen and Dustin waited outside for our first look moment. I was a NERVOUS WRECK, but as soon as I walked out that door and kissed my soon to be husband I felt completely at ease. 

We then joined hands and walked directly to the alter hand in hand, no aisle needed, and waited on our guests to surround us. We did this to keep the feel of our wedding intimate and party driven. A quick 5 minute vow exchange and it was over! Our vows were riddled with Harry Potter and Star Wars references, I wouldn’t change it for anything!

This was followed up by a first dance to Africa by Toto, a mother son dance, and a father daughter dance that we quickly turned into a father daughter shot of Jager instead! I didn’t want to worry about a formal reception, so we did vegan finger foods. My brother works at a local vegan/vegetarian spot and he whipped up BBQ jackfruit on slider buns, pimiento cheese, and pecan pate. 

After that we danced the night away and tent camped with our closest friends, it was exactly what we wanted for our big day!

Our Vendors
Photographer: Caitlin Malson Instagram: @Caitlin._ 
Food: Garrett Little, Fern Flavors from the Garden
Instagram: @outsidelovin @fernflavors
Cake/Desserts: The Gateau Baking Co. Instagram:  @gateaubakingco
Hair: Ali Boone Instagram: @smokedlacehair
Makeup: Lauren Brooks Instagram: @_lash_b

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